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tv   News  ABC  August 15, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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you're watching the station that works for you "now, good morning maryland. lawmakers out past curfew in annapolis. what they decided about gaming expansion and the label put on pit bulls. >> a big day for dreamers across the united states. more than a million illegal immigrants can avoid deportation for the next two years. >> flooding light nipping and thunder we saw it all includingstranded drivers stuck in high water. images from last night but for now it's wednesday august 15th good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle.
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thanks for joining us. we will show the images but last night but talk about what's ahead because we could have a repeat. >> i know. >> gay head. >> i know. -- go ahead. >> i know. we could have a repeat. showers and thunderstorms and i hope no tornadoes because yesterday, harford county and baltimore coty a tornado warning was issued. we will see if the national weather service does say that it was on the ground. maryland's most powerful radar as of now, we are dry. that's good news. we are drying out but we did get much needed rain about 3 to 4 inches in some spots. as we go through the hour by hour forecast for today. early morning around 10, 74 degrees. partly cloudy skies. we are looking dry, by 10 this morning, temperatures at and still dry but the showers and thunderstorms roll in possiblyas we head into lunchtime. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. construction is in full swing on 895 approaching the harbor tunnel. you will want to stick with the
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fort mchenry to avoid congestion this morning. now if you are use the beltway here's what the west side -- beltway, here's what the west side looks likes. 11 minutes from 795 all the way down toward 95. and if we pull up the live shot notice everything will be up to speed. no concerns on the outer loop from 95 up towards 83. that stretch is also going to take you 11 minutes and we pull up other drive times no concerns on 95 through white marsh. just 4 minutes from route 43 to 695. over to you. late night for maryland lawmakers as the special session wrapped up. just a few hours ago is when it did. and at issue is the debate over gambling in our state as lawmakers discuss the possibility of a 6th casino as well as table games. sherrie johnson is here with more on the wrap-up and it was a late night of wrangling. >> reporter: yes, it was. lawmakers were determined to wrap up this special session and not drag it out for another day and yes, it ran into the early morning hours. the maryland house of delegates passed a measure to allow a new
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casino in prince george's county as well as table games like poker and roulette at gambling complexs. they amended it to allow veteran halls iny county except montgomery to have slots. house approved the measure andsent it to the senate shortly before midnight where they passed it as well. governor's male plans to sign -- governor o'malley plans to sign the measure at 10 this morning and the legislation will go before voters for approval or defeat on november 6th ballot. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. advocates for pit bulls will wait until january to try again. the house passed a version of the pit bull legislation that was very different from what was passed in the senate. they couldn't agree and the bill died. in a court of appeals decision stands that pit bulls are considered inherently dangerous dogs. pit bull earns landlords will be -- owners and landlords will be held liable if they bite someone.
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it's likely the supporters will change this when the regular session resumes. that's coming up in january. starting today, hundreds of thousands of undocumented people will apply to stay and work in the united states without fear deportation. this is at least for two years. people younger than 30 years old who arrived in the united states before the age of 16 pose no criminal or security threat and were successful students or serve in the military can apply. they must prove they have been living in the u.s. tenously for at least five -- continuously for at least five yearsch though pay a fee of -- years. they have to pay a fee of less than $500. up to the 1.7 million people may qualify. >> i want to get a job and have kids and for them to live the dream. everybody wants. >> i been here since i was a baby. this is my life. i can't imagine having to start
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over in another country. >> the government renewed warnings the process wouldn't lead to citizen zip or --ship or -- citizenship or give them permission to travel internationally. it can be down load from the u.s. citizenship and immigration services website. many canadians taking advantage of the high value of the canadian dollar. they are doing it by shopping in the u.s. cheaper milk and gas two of the biggest draws have them coming south but as chris brown shows us, americans are fed up with the cross border crowd. >> reporter: in bellingham washington they are equating the canadian shopers to predators. >> they are destroying it. >> reporter: milk piranhas shoppers from the vancouver area whose appetite for barningins can devour milk jugs in just seconds. >> it's completely in sane. i dread going. especially on the weekends when there's more canadians.
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>> i am like look canadian plates. costco is a nightmare even on like a tuesday afternoon i am like don't the people work. >> reporter: in the u.s. border town there's a fierce debate about whether canadians shopping is out of control. >> the lines are halfway down the length of the store. >> reporter: this facebook page suggest maybe there should american only shopping at certain times of the day. to give locals a break. points out the bad park jobs and some of the anticanadian comments are brutal. canadians are obnoxious and i never dealt with people who are so rude. and there's absolutely nothing that we can say or do that will make you stop coming. i am just going to move. with vancouver suburbs 25 minutes away, it is a quick easy way for some to save a lot of money. >> it's almost two for the price of one. >> reporter: the anticanadian campaign has a few thousand likes on it but aside from blowing off a bit of steam
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night expected to go very far. >> the last two years our sales tax generation double or triple the pace of the rest of the state and it's almost because of the canadians coming south. >> reporter: costco response is time to build a bigger store. and just to prove we are not all that badwe helped one woman return an unwanted wedding twist. >> here we go. -- gift. >> here we go. thank you. >> reporter: they are nice. >> very nice to shop here. >> reporter: small victory for parking lot diplomacy. >> one shopper at a too many i guess. bellingham police say costco is paying for an off-duty police officer to handle the parking lot crowd two days a week when the canadians come south to do shopping. >> yeah. you bet you. hey. >> all right. he went through a public breakup and now uh-oh, robert pattinson talk about the broken heart and going to the media. >> so is he opening up about that alleged affair that his a-
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list ex had? we will find out if he is dodgers questions or talking. >> have you seen her smile? it's can -- we have pretty cool pictures to share what was discovered in missouri. all of this thanks to a drought. drought. >> oh, yeah. k for a new van. yeah. i just don't know where to start. glad you found us. start by test-driving nearly every make and model, all in one place. carmax. start here.
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the wooden steam boat montana is now resurfaced in the river. the piece of the sunken vessel is now visible. it was the largest vessel to travel the missouri river longer than football field and it struck an underwater tree in 1884 and was piloted ashore so once again i guess if you want to say there's a silver lining to the drought we are seeing a piece of history. >> if you want to look at it that way. the glass half full that is good news. but, we are looking at the fact well, we could have a tornado warning issued for harford county and baltimore with this clust he of storm. i will show you the -- cluster of storm. i want to show you the loop again. that's good news that it is pushing off but sliding to the south there's another cluster of showers and thunderstorms.
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we do see -- could see that all over again. zooming in closer to home, dealing with a few clouds and sunshine going throughout the day. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook record good morning. we have trouble -- >> reporter: good morning. we have a crash in millersville on oakwood road and old mill boulevard. traveling in baltimore county, right in the parkville area, we are dealing with some debris along the southbound lanes of perring parkway at taylor avenue. it's unclear what type of debris it is. but speeds are clocking in at 41 miles per hour. something to watch out for. here's what the beltway looks like. at puddy hill avenue no significant delays whatsoever. it will be an easy ride up towards towson or if you are traveling that inner loop towards 95 megan and charley over to you. before you take the family to the restaurant, make sure it's up to code and clean. >> absolutely. so the problem that you don't have access to any restaurant even the dirty ones a baltimore lawmaker wants to change. >> a good samaritan jumps into
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we will blame the weather for that. the storms that hit last night caught a lot of you by surprise and water rose so quickly in some areas some places drivers actually had to be rescued from the cars. abc2 news linda so is live in rogers forge this morning with more on how things are looking. linda. >> reporter: one thing to be careful of as you head out is the possibility of dark intersection. here at stephenson and balona the lights were out but were turned on a hour ago. bge is reporting just over 4,000 customers without power from this storm. the bulk of them in baltimore city and right here in baltimore county. when the rain came down last night, it came down fast and hard and led to several swift water rescues. this one at intersection of loch raven boulevard and loch hill, a woman was rescued from her car as the water came up to her windows. rescue crews smashed the back window because they thought a
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baby was in the back seat and turns out the woman was the only one in the car. a woman was grabbed and pulled to safety. >> the lady wound up she was stuck in the water as it continued to rise, and she didn't want to come out the vehicle. once she came out of the vehicle she didn't want to move so my brother got out of his car and as we had to grab the lady and pull her because she was in shock. >> reporter: so just keep in mind as you head out the door this morning, there may be some areas where there's standing water. also some intersections may be dark because the power outages bge is dealing with. live in rogers forge linda so, abc2 news. all right. soon you could have access to dirty little secrets restaurants in baltimore may be trying to hide. you don't have access to inspection reports that detail dirty kitchens we are including reports about bugs and rodents. so when you pick a place to eat you are dining blind at least
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for now. baltimore city councilman brandon scott has pitched a bill to change all that. >> this bill would simply change the city's health code to force the health department to post letter grade on-site and online for our restaurants and other food service facilities. >> some information is made public on the city health department's website but only if there's closure. so the maryland restaurant association is is reviewing the proposal and want to meet with a councilman to discuss it further. five things to know before heading out the door this morning. students at catholic university in ohio are no longer receiving health insurance from the school. franciscan university dropped the coverage in the light of the mandate that health care insurers cover contraceptive medications. and today's the day young illegal immigrants can apply for a two-year dedeferral from depour -- defederal from deportation -- deferel from deportation.
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-- deferral from depossible station. >> teens who want to stan in new -- tan in you york won't be able to if they are under 18. governor signed a measure into law that requires teens between 17 and 18 must have parental consent. counseling sessions for employees at penn state impact by the jerry sandusky scandal the on monday, the school learned it could lose the overall accreditation. that means penn state could lose state and federal funding. former president bill clinton is headlining an event for a political action committee today that supports president obama. and the cast of the wire is cohosting the event with obama today happening in martha's vineyard. good morning america robert pattinson now making the media rounds promoting the new movie. this is the first time he has gone public since the breakup of kristen stewart who was caught with an afeater with a director. he didn't talk about the
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scandal but he did talk about his fans. >> i mean it's great i never expected anything to last this long. >> come on, dude. he appeared on the daley show earlier this week where he dodged the questions about the affair and the breakup but he and stewart did enjoy a pint of ice cream together. >> i think he is going to be fine. >> probably going to be just okay. all right there are probably going to be be a lot people pooling pony trying to work together -- money trying to work together for a dries of the 320 million dollar prize. >> that's how much the power ball jackpot has grown since saturday. now that jackpot is the 4th largest in the lottery's historych the top prize -- historych the top prize was 365 million 6 years ago. so we are due for another big drawing. tonight's drawing is happening right before 11. lynette i know you will put your two dollars out there and get in on this. >> are we putting the pool together? >> yes. >> we are. >> break the piggy bank. >> i am. i have to put up quarters
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today. satellite and radar picking up on dry weather right now. we had the showers and thunderstorms push through nasty thunderstorms. severe thunderstorms overnight and we could do it all over again heading throughout the afternoon. right now, we are waiting for clouds to push in and speak of the -- speak of clouds, -- speaking of the clouds we are seeing daylight. rise doesn't come into effect until 6:to and -- 6:20 and we have 30 minutes before that happens and we are looking at clouds at bel air this morning and the sun close mix will -- sun-cloud mix will continue going into the afternoon. i know you like to see the sunshine this time of the year but that fuels the thunderstorms this time of year in the afternoon. 74 the inner harbor right now. 76 annapolis. and 74 in dc. 60s back off to the north and west. this is what's happening, so the cold front we are waiting for it to move through. behind it dry air and plenty sunshine into thursday. a secondary front is going to line through the area bringing in some cool are air it's going
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feel good outside so get out and enjoy that. but for today, there are the showers and storms possible as we go into the afternoon. thursday looks magnificent and here's the hour by hour forecast for you as we see 85 degrees. few showers by lunchtime and 3- day forecast wednesday, thursday and friday. 90 degrees as we head into friday. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. we have a crack to tell you about in anne arundel county in millersville and oak wood road. if you are using 95 to get into the city, this is what it looks like at 395. traffic is just starting to pick up but no significant delays. in fact, if you are traveling from white marsh it's going to take 15 minutes to get into the city. 695 is going to be in great shape traveling the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. that takes you 11 minutes and the west side is going to be nice and clear just 11 minutes on outer loop from 795 all the way down towards 95. and that's look at your abc2
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the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. yeah, when i smell all those things, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection brought to you by air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick. thanks for joining us. you know it's never a good idea
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toleave your kids in the car. we seem to have toe rind people of did -- people of that every year. >> if you must leave your pets or kids in the car during the hot weather there's a product that could help work to keep them safe. here's how it works a collar that can take your pet's temperature. you can then text -- you can -- it will alert you with a text of your dog is overheating. vets say the collar is not a bad idea but it can provide a false sense of security. >> would i recommend a product like this? with a grain of salt is what i would say. but, could it make a difference and i think for 20 dollars if it could save a pet's life i certainly wouldn't tell an owner never to use it. >> the color will run 20 bucks and should be available in stores by next year. all right. for those of you who drive gm minivans. stay with us. >> coming up on good morning maryland at 6, details about a massive recall involving
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thousands of minivans and we will explain why they are not considered safe to drive. >> and kids are going back to school to learn about the latest video game more than the timetable so we will get tips how to get your kids started on the right food. >> -- foot. >> and it has been a a hot summer. how a couple me can nicks oklahoma are trying to beat -- couple of mechanics in oklahoma are trying to beat the heat in style.
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